grUVywear UV Swimwear: Sun Shirts, UV Bottoms, and other Sun Protective Clothing

We now have plenty of research detailing the damaging effects of UV radiation to our skin. In addition to sunburn, over exposure to ultraviolet radiation not only causes wrinkles and sun spots, but can also cause skin cancer and even Melanoma.  Our comprehensive UV protective range covers all sizes, including babies, children, men and women. Manufactured without adding chemicals, grUVywear’s UV protective product line is extensive: sun protective swim shirts, both long and short sleeve UV shirts in a variety of colors and prints, sun protective swim shorts and swim skirts. Our vibrant and attractive designs mimic summer surf rash guards and can be worn in and out of the water for all day sun protection.  Stylish and fashionable, all our products carry a UPF rating of UPF 50+, blocking out 98% of the sun’s harmful UVA UVB rays.  We don’t add chemicals to our products, the UV protection comes from the tight weave of the fabric.

In addition to UV protective wear, grUVywear also offers comfortable activewear. grUVywear athletic sport shorts are available in bright colors and fashionable prints. grUVywear sports shorts can be used for volleyball, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, gymnastics, and dance or can be worn under any school uniform.  grUVywear headbands coordinate perfectly with our grUVywear UV protective wear and grUVywear athletic spandex sport shorts. Available in a variety of bright colors and stylish prints, they are stretchy, comfortable and are perfect for sporting occasions and every day.

Since more than 50% of skin cancer occurs on the face, wearing a baseball cap or other hat with a brim is important for children of all ages. Of course sun protection is not complete without sunblock for those areas clothing cannot protect. You should have a UVA/UVB broad spectrum sunscreen of at least 30+SPF and you should reapply often. grUVywear wants to make sun protection a national health priority. We donate a percentage of our sales to Cure Search, a non profit foundation that actively researches cures for children’s cancer. When you purchase grUVywear UV Protective Shirts, skirts, sports shorts, headbands and sun hats for your family, you are not only getting superior protection from the sun's harmful rays, fashionable style and all day comfort, but you are supporting a cause. Our experience, as well as our dedication to keeping folks covered with a quality product, ensures that our customers are getting the highest UV protection in a Made in the USA American product.  We put the "groovy" in UV sun protective wear. Forget those boring rashguards, prevent damaging sunburn and stay protected wearing grUVywear sun protective wear. Trusted by parents, loved by kids.