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We pride ourselves in designing AND manufacturing in the USA. We believe that since this is a safety product, we should be the ones overseeing production without relying on countries that have few if any regulations, standards for employee working conditions, or product safety.


There is a certain American dedication to creating a superior, durable, high quality UPF 50+ product that will not only protect but will have longevity.There are cheaper alternatives but nobody ever outsourced anything for quality.


Our UPF 50+ products are like wearing SPF 50 sunscreen, but without all the chemicals. Since this a safety product, our sun protecting capabilities are woven into the fabric, not sprayed on.


If you are not happy, we are not happy! Customer Service is our #1 Priority

How we became grUVy

Those of us who were children in the groovy 60’s and 70’s grew up with the idea that sunburns were normal and suntans were a sign of good health. Some of us fair skinned kids wore white t-shirts (which only have a sun protection factor of 3 when wet) over our bathing suits, but never wore any sun block.

Unfortunately there are many adults today who are suffering the consequences of that cultural norm.My husband was one of them. Diagnosed with melanoma in his 20’s, he was actually one of the lucky ones. They caught it before the cancer spread. A massive scar on his back provided the reminder that he would always be at risk and that he and our three daughters would have to be proactive about protecting their skin.

Since our little girls protested wearing the limited unappealing UV protective wear available at the time, grUVywear’s mission was to raise awareness about the dangers of the sun and to provide a solution to preventing future skin cancer cases by designing protective, fashionable and comfortable UPF 50+ swimwear that both children and their parents would love. By creating stylish prints and accessorizing with customized decals and rhinestones, we have designed sun protective wear that can be worn all day.

The combination of sun and water is a magical part of childhood, so grUVywear was developed to let us keep it that way. We are committed to help families “Stay in the sun and still have fun” because grUVywear has got you covered.

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