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About Us

Those of us who were children in the groovy 60’s and 70’s grew up with the idea that sunburns were normal and suntans were a sign of good health. Baby oil and some aluminum foil gave us the maximum color in the minimum amount of time.  Some of us fair skinned kids wore white t-shirts (which only have a sun protection factor of 7) over our bathing suits, but never wore any sun block.  Unfortunately there are many adults today who are suffering the consequences of that cultural norm. My husband was one of them. Diagnosed with melanoma in his 20’s, he was actually one of the lucky ones. They caught the mole early enough, before the cancer had spread throughout his body.  A massive scar on his back provided the reminder that he would always be at risk for more melanomas and that he would have to be proactive about protecting his skin.  Since melanoma has a genetic link, bringing children into this world, we knew this meant they would be at risk of getting this fatal disease.


So in 2006, grUVywear was born out of this desire to raise awareness about the dangers of the sun (since as little as two early sunburns can increase the risk of skin cancer later in life) as well as provide a solution to preventing future skin cancer cases. The combination of sun and water is a magical part of our childhood, so grUVywear was developed to let us keep it that way. Since our little girls protested wearing the limited unappealing UV protective wear available at the time, grUVywear’s mission became to design protective, fashionable and comfortable swimwear that both children and their parents would love.  Using vibrant colors and bold prints, we have designed stylish UPF 50+ swimwear that can be worn all day for added protection. Our fabric is not embedded with sunscreen or toxic chemicals and the high UPF rating is solely based on the tightness of the weave of our fabric. 


We also pride ourselves in taking care of our customers, not only thru customer support but also by guaranteeing a quality – Made in the USA - product.  We firmly believe that since this is a safety product, we should be the ones overseeing the production line, without relying on importing countries that have little or non-existent regulations or standards for employee working conditions.  When a product comes from half a world away, you simply cannot know where it’s been sitting, and for how long, on what warehouse floor, and in what cargo ship, with what chemicals.  When you buy grUVywear, you can feel assured you are getting a superior quality American made product that provides superior UV protection. We have committed ourselves to help families “Stay in the sun and still have fun” because grUVywear has got you covered.


Mara Levin

Founder / CEO

grUVy wear LLC