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Care Instructions

To best care for your grUVywear , we recommend the following:


  • Rinse your grUVywear thoroughly in cold (avoid hot) fresh water after each use. 
  • Rinse sooner rather than later, after swimming in the pool or ocean, as chlorine, salt and excessive heat can breakdown the fibers of your garment, even in our chlorine resistant fabrics.
  • Turn the garment inside out and hand wash. It’s best not to use detergents, bleach or Woolite.


  • Hang dry away from direct sun or instead lay it flat to dry.  
  • Do not wring out your grUVywear. To speed up the drying process, roll your grUVywear in a dry, clean towel, pressing down gently to absorb excess water.


  • We use the best dyes available, however we cannot guarantee complete color fastness on some fashion colors (especially brighter ones). Be careful not to wear light colored clothing over wet grUVywear.  Some shades may bleed or transfer when wet.
  • To minimize fabric damage and color loss, avoid extended periods in hot tubs
  • Avoid rough surfaces, such as concrete and swimming pool decks, which can snag the material of your garment