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Made in The USA

Since grUVywear’s inception, we have made the decision to keep our company’s manufacturing in the US.  With our sewing facility in LA’s garment center we are able to inspect the rolls of fabric, oversee the sewing stages, and see the finished garments before they are packed.  We firmly believe that since this is a safety product, we should be the ones overseeing the production line, without relying on importing countries that have little regard for quality control or employee working conditions. 

Manufacturing facilities overseas just aren’t held to the same regulations as American facilities.  Many importing countries have little or no labor regulations, resulting in unsafe and inhumane working conditions (long hours, child labor, no or very low minimum wage, etc.).  And, when a finished product comes from half a world away, you simply cannot know where it’s been sitting, and for how long, on what warehouse floor, and in what cargo ship, with what chemicals.

Given the global nature of the textile supply chain, and the specialized UV fabrics that are integral to our collection, not all of our fabric and fibers can be sourced domestically, even though they are purchased from US based suppliers.  But when sourcing domestically is an option, we pursue that option, even if it might cost a little more.  

Please be aware that not all  “Made in USA” apparel is created equal.  grUVywear is committed to fair and legal labor and wage practices and is registered with the California’s Division of Labor and Standards.  No sweatshops, no illegal labor, period.  grUVywear is a company you can trust to provide you with quality American made UV apparel.